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No Preservatives
No Artificial Fillers
No Soy
No Corn
No Wheat
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Ever notice how your dog loves donuts?
So did we!
That's why we created Dawgnuts - donuts for your dog!

The big difference is that Daugnuts do NOT contain
the sugar and fats that wil harm your dog.
Like our other treats, Dawgnuts are loaded with fresh ingredients suitable for human consumption containing NO preservatives they should be refrigerated after opening to preserve freshness.

Dawgnuts are available in various flavors that will appeal to your dog's taste.

Bacon Peanut Butter
Peanut Butter
Sweet Potato
Top Round Beef

For your convenience, to keep your shipping costs low and to preserve freshness, Dawgnuts are shipped in vacuum sealed packages.
Click here to see how your PawsParty treats will arrive.

Ingredients include rye flour, eggs, baking powder, honey, canola oil and, depending on flavor, either apple,
banana, blueberry, carrot, pumpkin
or carob (as a chocolate substitute).

Only 5.99 per package